My sister tryin ta be artsy like

My sister tryin ta be artsy like

So psyched for vacation! I get to go look fat in my bathing suit somewhere where people don’t know me!

My sister just made fun of me because we were at the bookstore and I tried to buy a book about castles and when she asked me why my response was “bitch, I love castles”

Friend: What’s that one fictional character that you’re so in love with it hurts?

Me: one?

“Laughing at other people’s misery is the only thing that made me feel like everyone else”
Tyrion Lannister 

Hi my name is Sophie and my talents include: watching 35 house worth of Game of Thrones in a week and a half and making unawkward situations extremely awkward.

my anthem. 

my anthem. 


jensen ackles’way to kill people in four steps…stare,smile,lick,eye contact, *dead*

damn he’s good.


Jensen Ackles arrives at Vancouver Airport

this picture makes me feel so important

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9.05- Dog Dean Afternoon

Jensen is just precious like stop